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8 Twitter Unfollow Tool: Best Tools to Unfollow Non Followers on Twitt

If you are one of those internet marketers who want to use Twitter to promote and market your brand, it’s crucial that you have the proper understanding of Twitter engagement.


In this article, we will be teaching you the importance of following the right people on your Twitter account. Most importantly, we will be giving you the list of the best twitter unfollow tool.


Who, When and Why Unfollow People on Twitter

If you want high engagement on your Twitter account, don’t just follow the right people. But, unfollow everyone on twitter with one click.

Yes, that may not sound very common, but it is essential to get rid of those Twitter users who do not do any good for your account. Who are they? When to unfollow them and how?

These are the questions that we will be answering right now. So continue reading.

Who to Unfollow on Twitter?

These are the following Twitter users that you should unfollow:

  • Inactive accounts.
  • Unresponsive accounts.
  • Users who unfollow you.
  • Users who don’t engage.
  • Accounts that are not the target audience that you need.

When to Unfollow?

Try to create a list. Categorize the people by your account. Identify those who are active and responsive from the ones who are inactive and unresponsive.


Once you finish the list, then you can easily unfollow non followers on twitter who are not being helpful.

Always remember that there is no need to continue to follow those types of individuals in your main feed.


Simply because they are the reasons why your Twitter gets low engagement rate.

How to Unfollow?

Unfollowing Twitter users are easy if you have a very few people on your account.


But what if you have a massive number of accounts to deal with? That’s going to be tedious. Well, not anymore if you know about the twitter unfollow tool. A twitter unfollow tool will help you sort your account easily and quickly to find people you might like to unfollow.


It is a powerful interface that allows you to mass unfollow inactive twitter followers in a single time. These tools also have unfollower stats to show you those accounts that do not follow or who unfollowed you.


Luckily, today we have unfollow twitter tools that are widely available online.

Twitter Unfollow Tool

Pick the Best to Unfollow Inactive Twitter


1. Crowdfire


Crowdfire, formerly known as justunfollow, is one of the most popular easy unfollow twitter tool today.

Many people say it has the best unfollowers feature.


It is very useful especially to those who want to get rid of inactive and unresponsive Twitter accounts while keeping their accounts credible.


With Crowdfire, you can even sort your non-followers according to the newest and oldest. However, if you are only using free Crowdfire subscription, you can only add and unfollow 100 accounts per day. So it’s best to use their paid ones.


2. ManageFlitter

When it comes to Twitter managing tools, ManageFlitter also tops the list. To unfollow inactive twitter is easier with this tool because of their beta version which allows a user to select multiple twitter accounts and unfollow them with just one click.


Additionally, you can also sort the people according to their lack of avatar and their activity level. You can do that by searching bio keywords provided in the tool itself. ManageFlitter breaks down their prices into two. The ManageFlitter Business and ManageFlitter Pro. You can see the rate difference if you visit their website.


3. Statusbrew


Statusbrew is a powerful application to manage your twitter. It is a unified solution for Twitter management and other social network management.


It is a straightforward way of unfollow non followers on twitter fast. Therefore, it is time-saving and hassle-free.

Compared to the other unfollow twitter tools, this twitter unfollow tool is the most user-friendly one.


All you need is to log in to your twitter and authorize Statusbrew to access your profile, and you can start using it. Its simple dashboard will let you operate the features easily.


4. Untweeps


If you do not have any budget to sign up for a paid twitter unfollow tool, Untweeps is what you need. This is a free and simple app that will help you clean your twitter account. Also, this is helpful to categorize users who haven’t tweeted since a definite time.


It has an unfollower stats for you to see inactive users quickly and unfollow them instantly. So if you’re budget-wise, choosing Untweeps is a smart decision to make.


5. SocialOomph

SocialOomph’s professional program has a unique feature that allows you to unfollow a Twitter user you are following. But it does end there. You can add that person again and start fresh.


The point is to re-introduce your account to the same person so there could be a new and engaging twitter relationship to happen. Although it just started as a service that just focused on helping Twitter users, today SocialOomph is also covering Facebook and Instagram.


6. Unfollower Stats


Many Twitter users are amazed by this twitter unfollow tool because of it free and easy to use. So if you are not into business and you want simple arrangement and management on your twitter account, this app could be a great choice for you.


But Unfollower Stats also has advanced features for paying members. The good thing about them is, you can choose what kind of service plan will suit your needs perfectly.


7. Tweetpi


Tweetpi is best for businesses that are using Twitter as their marketing and promotional strategy.

It helps you find twitter account that runs a business. It’s an unfollower stats that mainly give out names of business which is very helpful to marketers.


Trying to figure out if an account is person or business related is surely going to be easy with Tweetpi.

Also, Tweetpi has an artificial intelligence who can do the work for you. So if you are a very busy person, unfollowing people on Twitter will not add to your job anymore.


8. TwitCleaner


TwitCleaner does not only help you unfollow inactive twitter accounts but also gives you a precise detail analysis.

It shows you several information regarding an account to make sure if that user is a good candidate for unfollowing or not.


It is essential to make sure that before you remove someone on your list, that person is not useful.

Because removing an active and responsive twitter follower is an opportunity that you might lose.

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