Published on 04/28/2020 7:23 pm
There are many strategies and tools to bring the organic traffic but content is still the number one among them

This article summarizes the reasons.
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Published on 07/08/2018 3:34 pm
For a blogger or freelance writer, it is a must to come up with quality content so as to attract readers. If you are a blogger, freelance writer or, the editor, you must be aware of the above reality. As a matter of fact, a piece of quality content should be an error-free writing. It should not contain any spelling or grammar errors. So, how do you ensure that your content is error-free, and does not contain any spellings or grammar mistakes?
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Published on 06/29/2018 6:36 pm

It might sound like a cliché if I say that the world is shifting towards mobile. That would have been pretty correct three years ago. But today, it is evident that we have already shifted towards mobile.


One in every four searches happens on mobile, with 50 percent of mobile searchers using their device at the start of the search process and 88 percent using smartphones to conduct local searches.


As mobile is growing, marketers need be smart enough to optimize their mobile site by doing the right mobile SEO.

Yes, mobile SEO is slightly different from what is done for desktop, and it is important to understand that the way people search on mobile is different from how they search on desktop. In fact, Google recently announced separate changes for mobile and desktop in its search quality updates. Including:


More Localized Results: For mobile search results, Google places listings – now known as Google My Business – tend to appear more numerously than desktop search results. And it means

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Published on 06/29/2018 6:35 pm

If you are one of those internet marketers who want to use Twitter to promote and market your brand, it’s crucial that you have the proper understanding of Twitter engagement.


In this article, we will be teaching you the importance of following the right people on your Twitter account. Most importantly, we will be giving you the list of the best twitter unfollow tool.


Who, When and Why Unfollow People on Twitter

If you want high engagement on your Twitter account, don’t just follow the right people. But, unfollow everyone on twitter with one click.

Yes, that may not sound very common, but it is essential to get rid of those Twitter users who do not do any good for your account. Who are they? When to unfollow them and how?

These are the questions that we will be answering right now. So continue reading.

Who to Unfollow on Twitter?

These are the following Twitter users that you should unfollow:

  • Inactive accounts.
  • Unresponsive accounts.
  • Users who unfollow you.
  • Users who don’t engage.
  • Accounts that
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